2016 is The Year of the Doctor (Harrison)

It’s 2016. 2016! This is the year I become a DOCTOR! School resumes next week and I have 10 classes (TEN classes? Wait, I thought I was FINISHED with classes, because I’m going into clinic…so…what the heck?) and, as you may already know, I start clinic as well.

2015-09-30 08.35.23-1


It’s getting real, my friends. I’m super excited, except about charting. Mostly because it’s in a wacky state of flux right now. We are initiating EHR (electronic health records) and ya know, change: It’s never easy. Also, they take forever to write out. Mostly I just want to talk to people and love on them and find out about their lives and help them on their way to happy, healthy places…so what’s up with this whole charting business? 😉

And boards. I have Part 2, 3, & Physiotherapy board exams in March. Did you know that chiropractic doctors are trained in rehabilitation and are pretty damn good at it? Well, now you do. Also, in some states, I’ll be able to stitch up your laceration! (You should be more careful next time, ok?)

2015-09-28 11.36.16

Be well, make good choices, love on people. See you later!



Thankful. And happy. 

Today, on this First Monday of Snow, I am exceedingly and abundantly thankful for this little silver blessing of a car.  
Today I did not have to trudge to the bus stop and wait in the cold and snow in my “fancy doctor clothes.” These words don’t even express it, and I almost, ALMOST forgot to be thankful. Because it’s so easy to forget. But I was reminded by Gerald: “You don’t have to get to the bus this morning!” and that comment stopped me in my tracks. And at that moment I was thankful. For both Gerald and my car. (PS…He cleaned about a foot of snow off this car last night, too. Just saying.) #thanksgiving #peopleareawesome #bestboyfriend

The Four Pillars of Health: The ND within me.

“You’re an ND (naturopathic doctor), right?”

That is the #1 question I get asked at school. Apparently I like internal medicine and all of it’s iterations and am not afraid to make that obvious. But no, I’m in school to get my DC (Doctor of Chiropractic). Fortunately for me, many states (including the one I currently live in) recognize chiropractors as general practitioners. Yes, my dears, I can be your primary care physician in the State of Illinois once I am a licensed DC. You ‘d be stunned at my vast knowledge. 😉

Anyway, I found this very good explanation of The Four Pillars of Health on a ND website and I think you should take the time to read it, especially if you’re completly confused about how I will be doing this doctor thing. And so, yeah…maybe deep in my guts, I am an ND. But my degree will say DC. Because another 1.5 years of school…??? I don’t think so.

The four basic pillars of health are healthy eating, regular physical activity, mental and emotional balance and restorative sleep. Click to read more!

Lifestyle: Blood Pressure Control

This is a very good article on controlling blood pressure.

It’s simple really, and completely worth it, but anyone who tells you making lifestyle changes is easy may have never tried to change his/her lifestyle. Dr. Sinatra, an integrative cardiologist, eases the burden of big changes by laying out his plan over 4 weeks. I’m impressed and inspired to treat my patients this well. Thank you, Dr. Sinatra. I’m glad to have discovered you!


“The Framingham study, the longest lasting, most respected study into the causes of heart disease (started in 1948) reported that ‘In Framingham, Massachusetts, the more saturated fat one ate, the more cholesterol one ate, the more calories one ate, the lower people’s serum cholesterol.’ Dr William Castelli – director of the Framingham study at the time – 1992.”


Damn med school.

I’ve been in school for almost 2 years and I’m here to say: I am totally sick of this. So much information, 200 questions, one Part 1 Board Exam. Really? No wonder most doctors just take money from big pharma and play the CMA game. This is ridiculous.

“I don’t want …

“I don’t want to feel like I have to be strong all the time. I want to be allowed to fall apart, to freak out, to get scared, to feel insecure and need reassurance. And I don’t expect those I love to keep it together all the time either.

But I also want to have relationships where we can both be sunshine choosing to bump up against one another from time to time, while also letting it be okay that we sometimes grow dim.”